Substance Use Disorders

Health Quality Ontario

Quality Standard for Opioid Use Disorder

This quality standard focuses on care for people 16 years of age and older (including those who are pregnant) who have or are suspected of having opioid use disorder.  The standard includes 11 quality statements and 1 emerging practice statement addressing areas identified by Health Quality Ontario’s Opioid Use Disorder Quality Standard Advisory Committee as having high potential for improving the quality of care in Ontario for people with opioid use disorder.
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Health Quality Ontario

Quality Standard for Problematic Alcohol Use and Alcohol Use Disorder

Health Quality Ontario has released a new standard that provides guidance on helping people with problematic alcohol use and alcohol use disorder reduce their consumption or abstain from alcohol, and covers screening, assessment, and treatment options that address people’s needs and preferences.  The standard will help patients, families and caregivers  know what to ask for in their care and will help healthcare professionals know what care they should be offering, based on evidence and expert consensus. 

The Change Foundation

Mental Health and Addiction Provider Training Modules

The Change Foundation has released a second series of Caregivers as Partners provider training modules specifically for mental health and addiction.  Providers will gain a better understanding of the unique issues faced by caregivers who have a loved one with a mental illness and/or addiction and discover resources and tips to help improve their interactions with those caregivers. The three-part series focuses on 1) Nature of the illness & the impact on the family, 2) Burden of care 3) Hope & recovery.  Scroll down to Caregivers as Partners – Mental Health and Addiction.
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Cannabis Knowledge Exchange Hub

If you are looking for resources and evidence-based knowledge about cannabis, this link provides current and accurate information.  The resources include handouts, webinar recordings and podcasts, and the site will be updated as new information comes out. 
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Mental Health Commission of Canada 

Engaging Caregivers in Mental Health and Addiction Services in Canada: Promising Practices Guide

This Promising Practices Guide:

  • summarizes the existing literature on what works to meaningfully engage caregivers across the continuum of health service delivery
  • highlights promising practices and potential barriers to implementation
  • informs stakeholders about any gaps in evidence
  • promotes the organizational or local community mapping of untapped or existing caregiver resources
  • profiles promising Canadian programs, services, and policy initiatives that promote caregiver engagement at the organizational level
  • supports mental health and addiction organizations’ efforts to promote the value of engaging caregivers and to improve caregivers’ experience with MHAs and the care of their loved ones.
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Health Quality Ontario

Quality  Standards for Mental Health and Addictions

Welcome to the Health Quality Ontario library of quality standards. Search via the link below to find all of our quality standards at various stages of development.
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Families for Addiction Recovery (FAR)

Presentation at the Recovery Capital Conference on Protecting Addicted Youth

Presentation links:

The three takeaways:

  • need for treatment on demand
  • need for decriminalization and regulation of drugs
  • need for involuntary treatment as a tool in the toolbox

Moving Forward Together

A Multi-Stakeholder Dialogue on Meeting the needs of Family Caregivers of People Living with Mental Health and Addiction Problems or Illnesses.
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It’s Not about Us: The Secret to Transforming the Mental Health and Addiction System in Canada

If you or a loved one have been affected by addiction and mental health issues, and have tried to or wanted to advocate for change in the system, this book will help you know how to do that.   
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