You can help build our network!

Learn from each other:  Hear the lessons learned by those who are doing similar work.

Stay up to date: Receive regular updates on developments in Ontario.  Be the first to know about potential opportunities of interest and events.

Affordable: There are no mandatory membership fees.

Opportunities: This is a unique opportunity to be part of shaping and growing a vibrant volunteer network.

Change Agent: Individual groups that strive to improve conditions for caregivers will be in a better position to effect change through this united network.  

We are looking for the following volunteers:

Administrative Assistant
  • take minutes at 5 OFCAN meetings per year
  • set up OTN technology
  • welcome and orient new caregivers groups
  • maintain a stakeholder profile database
  • update stakeholder contact information
  • approximate time commitment: 4 hours/week

Special Projects
  • We need help planning our next conference.
  • We would like to start a Caregiver Group Recognition project.

Board Members

We are always looking for volunteers who want to join our Board of Directors.  We do most of our work by email and we meet electronically, 6 times per year.

To learn more contact us using the form below