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Talking to Children About Suicide

This new MHCC guide is designed to help parents, guardians and caregivers talk to children under 12 when a suicide occurs in their family or community.  Talking to children about a suicide can be difficult, but doing so can greatly benefit those who are facing this type of death. Learn More

Helping Children and Teens Through Mental Health Challenges

Top Canadian child and adolescent psychiatrists, Pier Bryden and Peter Szatmari, break down the stigma of mental health illness and walk parents through the warning signs, risk factors, prevention strategies and the process of diagnosis and treatment for mental health challenges arising from anxiety, depression, psychosis, suicidal thoughts and behaviours, substance use disorders and many other mental health challenges.
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Mental Illness Caregivers’ Association moves 20 year fundraiser to a virtual platform

Welcome to Mica’s Virtual Art in the Park. No One Walks Alone, We Walk With You. 
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Grow a Strong Family

It takes courage, strength, resiliency and resources to keep our families strong in the face of addictions and mental illness.  Grow a Strong Family is a US website that provides education, support and resources for families uprooted by mental illness and helps them to rebuild and thrive.  
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Ontario Caregivers and BounceBack

We have the support you need

It is important that caregivers support their own mental and physical health to ensure they can provide meaningful care to others.
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Connected Care Update

Announcement of Advisor on Public Health and Emergency Health Services Consultations
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Canadian Mental Health Association

Family Outreach & Response Program (FOR)

Who are FOR services for? 
Any family member or friend, living in the city of Toronto, supporting someone experiencing a mental health issue, regardless of whether or not they have received a diagnosis or are connected with the mental health system.
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Health Standards Ontario Client and Family Information Sheet

The New Virtual Health Standard

This standard provides guidelines of excellence for organizations participating in virtual health services to improve the safety, quality and effectiveness of virtual health services.
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The Rights of The Family Caregiver

The Rights of the Family Caregiver poster has been developed by the EMBRACE project for the Cornwall Hospital’s Community Addiction and Mental Health Services. 
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The Importance of Empathy

We all are familiar with the benefits of feeling empathy, both for ourselves and for those who we are connecting with.  This VIDEO is a great reminder why empathy is fundamental to our well being and provides an easy to understand teaching tool about the importance of empathy.

Family Caregiver Community of Interest

A repository of articles and research on Family Caregiver
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