Impact 2016

Connecting and Educating Members

  • lead in the development of 3 webinars through the Family Caregiver Community of Interest.
  • assisted in the creation of a list of resources for Family Caregiver Engagement 
  • notified our members of 24 events of interest (online surveys, caregiver movements and announcements related to mental health and addictions).
  • forwarded notices of 17 educational and engagement opportunities
  • Created a database of stakeholder profiles

We are the voice for family caregivers’ groups in support of Mental Health and Addiction

  • advocated for revisions to the Ontario Perception of Care (OPOC) tool for families
  • represented at 16 meetings as a member of Mental Health and Addiction Leadership Advisory Council with the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care.
  •  member of the Ontario Caregiver Coalition
  • represented at the Excellence Through Quality Improvement Project (for AMHO, CMHA and HQO)

Supported organizational growth

  • increased stakeholders from 10-13 family groups
  • developed a summary of Supporter Group Profiles
  • held five provincial support’s meeting
  • released 2016 Annual Report 2016

“Without OFCAN, we would never have known about these initiatives and we are very grateful.” 

~ Cornwall Mental Health Family Advisory Council